After having been making Shepherd style whistles  for many years I felt it was time to get creative again and make a small number of whistles exploring different ways of blowing/technique to produce sounds.

Here are my very Limited Edition whistles:


This whistle is shamelessly inspired by the Game of Thrones, it creates a loud sound just by blowing into it- easy! It may call the odd dragon or direwolf, even your own dog - but it looks decorative enough to be worn to concerts, work etc. It is a solid, heavy whistle, quite masculine, measuring roughly 3.5cm x 3.5 cm.

I managed to only make one and it comes on either black or steel grey twisted silk rope.

180 pounds including P&P

The Star

This solid sterling whistle, like the DragonCall and the Alpha (see Home page) creates a strong sound just by blowing into it.

I managed to make three of which two are for sale at  GBPs 140 incl P&P

Pod Whistles

Pod whistles are hollow sterling pound size hollow spheres with an opening that you blow across, just if you were to blow over a bottle (or a flute). It requires some trial and error, but if I can create a tone on them (before polishing of course), then you can, too!

The Flower Pod has a deeply imprinted floral and swirl pattern at the front  (Fine Silver) and is plain at the back (Sterling Silver). On black silk rope.
This one is unique, it is the only one I made!
GBPs 90 incl P&P.

The Compass Pod is constructed similar to the Flower Pod and about the size of a pound coin. It has been antiqued to bring out the compass indents. I made only one of this! suspended on a black vintage leather lanyard.

GBPs 90 incl P&P

The Plain Pod is a satin brushed sterling silver pod whistle which is markedly larger than the ones above, measuring app 3cm in diameter. It is a timeless piece of jewellery  and goes with everything. I made two of them, but only one is for sale as I am keeping the other one for myself!

GBPs 90 incl P&P

The Dainty Pod has a subtle Victorian pattern embossed and feels and looks very elegant. I made several of those from very small to pound size, on dove grey rope or red vintage leather lanyard. please email me if you want to find out the details of the ones I have in stock.
GBPs 50-70 incl P&P

Survival Whistles

This is the Acorn Whistle, derived from a natural acorn from Richmond Park  and cast in sterling silver on a red, vintage leather lanyard with sterling leaf detail.
This whistle requires a bit of practice and in comparison to the other whistles, including shepherd style ones, it takes a moment or two to create a tone as you have to fold your thumbs over it to create a V and blow across it. If you google it you will find plenty of pictures and diagrams.
I have made two!

GBPs 60 incl P&P

You will find examples of other Styles of whistles I have made (Companion Style, Working Style and Companion Deluxe) on the following pages.