What do they think about Wolfwhistles?


Wolfwhistle's own Matilda (London), Lurcher X : I AM COMING MUM!!!!

Indi, Zurich, Switzerland, 'My mum is always up to a challenge!'

Calleigh, Havanese, from Cheshire:

'I am....the Wolfwhistler!'

Shimah and Azhara, Sloughies, Germany:

"Let's run a bit before Mum calls us back to have some SAUSAGES!"

Diego, Yummy-mix from Weener in Germany, but origianlly from Spain: "Chorizo! Ha!"

Ruediger, Germany, Spaniel X: 'TREATS!!!!'

Wolfwhistle's own Merlin (London), Chinese Crested Powderpuff:

'I love you. You will never have to whistle for me. Ever!'

Bengel (Rascall), Mini Schnauzer from Duesseldorf, Germany 'Schnitzel!!!!!'

Romeo (Bochum, Germany), Spaniel X: 'With my amazing recall only the shortest way will do!'

Dru (London), Sharpei Staffi X: 'Master, at your service.`

Megan (London), Saluki: 'Yes I promise I will come back. So now you can take the lead off! Pretty please :-)

Lilly (London), Lurcher originally from Ireland: 'That whistle looks good on you, mum!'

Punky, Germany, cat:

'You must be joking! Do I look like a dog?!!!!!!'