Gunilla has become a regular guest on Jo Good's Sunday Sessions, every Monday from 10pm til midnight on BBC London Radio 95.9fm (available online and on the iplayer too for our international listeners!). The presenter usually introduces her as a 'Actress, Jeweller, Artist and Enthusiast', which we all find just about sums her up! Since many girls cannot whistle on their fingers for encores, and this being a live music show, the Wolfwhistles have been a real hit with the listeners and thus branching out into the auditoriums of London's music venues! So next time you are whistling for your dog in the park, beware, a rock star might be coming your way!!!!!!

Merlin: Yeah. You wish! Dream on!
Matilda: Will he bring a ball?
Merlin: .....if it makes you happy - he might. Stranger things have happened!
Gunilla: EXACTLY!!!!