Our Wolfwhistles are going to Crufts! But hey, being a small company and with the sidekicks (Merlin & Matilda) not allowed inside (unless there was 'most beautiful Lurcher' or 'most flatulent hairy toy breed') there is just no point in taking out one of those big booths! Instead, Gunilla is going to 'mingle', supported by a little ad in the Crufts programme! For all of those who want to see the whistle in action and don't find Gunilla (which is quitle likely in the masses of people...), go and see Susan with Calleigh at the Havanese stand! Calleigh was the inspiration to the newest Wolfwhistle design, the 'Havanese'!

Merlin: How did she get hair like this, this Calleigh?
Matilda: By brushing.
Merlin: Doh!