Sorry, fellow Wolfwhistlers, for having been absent for such a long time! We have had the Easter holidays and we took Merlin to Germany where he learned to appreciate the delights of German bread! Matilda stayed in England to play with her friend Pumpkin.
Unfortunately Pumpkin was tragically run over last Monday and we are still in shock... our hearts go out to Tara and Emelia... Myself, my daughter and the dogs have been really upset, as Pumpkin used to come over for sleepovers a lot and was a rea, wriggling, licking, happyl life force... the holes she dug with Matilda will be filled with flowers...
Guys, make sure your dog cannot jump out of the window of your parked car, even when you are sitting next to it!!

Matilda: sniff
Merlin: oh come here love...