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There is a sheepdog in all of us!

Posted by Gunilla Karlson on Friday, June 24, 2011,
Don't tell anybody in Richmond Park, but Matilda has discovered a secret passion: the herding of small deer!
She keep them in small groups, with just enough distance not to spook them and even attempted to get them through the gate into the enclosed pasture for the cattle. Being a Border Collie x Lurcher she has no 'collie stare' to hypnotize the deer, but she just charms them with her smile instead!
Well, I made half of this up! I was glad she came back when I whistled for her! However, I wish...
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Wolfwhistles are back from Crufts

Posted by Gunilla Karlson on Thursday, March 17, 2011,
It was a mad day at Crufts! SO much to see - and that was just the retail stalls! We met up with lovely Fiona of Melrose & Mutt and were trying to find Jo Good and Anna Webb, but those two had spent the entire Thursday at Crufts already and were 'crufted out'. The NEC was packed with shoppers, dogs, any merchandise remotely associated with dog ownership but: not a whistle in sight (apart from the odd gundog whistle)!!!! We would like to have a presence at Crufts or Discover Dogs some day, but...
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