Only one more week until the school holidays begin and the Wolfwhistle team was super happy to learn that from 2012 Defra is going to change the PET passport requirements with regards to leaving and re-entering the UK! Hopefully they are also going to relax the tick and tapeworm vet visit or at least the 24 hour window within which you have to have your dogs prodded and doused before you hit Calais, where the ladies at the PET section don't even read the microchip for you anymore. You have to do it yourself! And for that you have to pay £30 plus the Vet costs per dog! Sorry, I am ranting, but this summer we are heading to Germany and we will still be subjected to this procedure and it irks us! But we are looking forward to meeting with the German canince part of the Wolfwhistle family and we will even be visiting distant (human and canine) relatives! However, there is a lot of work to be done before we go as the Wolfwhistles have truly gone international (Europe, USA, Australia and Africa just to name a few!) ! At the same time, we are trying to introduce more engraving -and in particular personalised engraving- into our range! So keep on having a look at our site! And have a lovely summer, too!

Matilda: She works too hard. She is getting boring and losing her sense of humour!
Merlin: I know. I understand her. I feel so close to her. I feel like we are truly KIN! Oh my God, we are ONE!!!

Matilda: I think I am going to be sick...